For the past seven years we have hosted once-in-a-lifetime adventures from Alaska to Nova Scotia, West Virginia to Quebec.  We have built an international reputation for putting together group rides in mind-blowing terrain for riders of all skill levels.

The Traction eRag Outlaw Run

This September, join the Traction eRag posse for a unique, week-long off-road adventure set in the spectacular high-desert of British Columbia, Canada. Spend a week with participants from around the world as you ride with friends old and new.

It goes without saying that when the eRag has another grand adventure you can count on me to be first on the list. I know it’s selfish, but dammit it’s so good for the soul.
— Adam “Teddy Bear” Butler

An incredible mix of dry weathered hills, canyons, and hoodoos form the backdrop as you are transported into another time and place. The Outlaw Run gives a nod to this area’s rich history of train heists and the outlaws who operated in the region at the turn of the 20th Century.


Every morning we ride out of basecamp on 2019 dirt bikes and disappear into the forest before descending into the arid desert climate of the the mighty Thompson River valley. We will weave our way through dramatic elevation changes, while riding tight single track, fast and flowy forest service roads and everything in between. At the end of a satisfying day we return uphill into the cool mountain air. The endless trail network is located on the southern edge of a vast Canadian wilderness, home to bears, moose, bald eagles, cougar, grey wolf, coyote and lynx.

There is a place for you.

We understand how intimidating riding with an unknown group can be. Don’t worry - you will find like minded riding buddies at the Outlaw Run. Nobody here is a pro rider, including the eRag Reprobates. We created these rides for the weekend warrior.

If you want to dent your pipe and shit your diaper, there is a group for you. If you would like to enjoy a fun flowy ride before having lunch on a craggy vista, those riders are here too. This outrageously fun terrain has options for both advanced and novice riders – a perfect place to enhance skill development while having the adventure of a lifetime.

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The Details


  • August 30th to September 5th (Week one)
  • September 6th to 12th (Week two)
  • September 13th to 19th (Week three)

WHERE: Get yourself to the Vancouver International Airport, we’ll take it from there.

GEAR: Bring your riding gear. After booking, a detailed list of gear to consider will be mailed to you.

PAPERWORK: For this ride you will be required to possess a valid passport and motorcycle license. A learner’s permit may be enough, please contact us for details at adventure@tractionerag.com .

What’s included

All Inclusive Price: $3995  

  • Return airfare from Vancouver to Interior British Columbia.

  • Ground transportation.

  • A 2019 dirt bike.

  • Fuel and daily bike maintenance.

  • Breakfast, trail lunch, dinner.

  • Lodging: six nights, seven days.

  • Daily instruction.

  • Local expert guides, mixed with eRag reprobates.

  • Arguably the most interesting and fun riding terrain on the planet.

I have never been so well fed since moving out of my mother’s home.
— Kristin Wilson

We are booking riders now, on a first come, first serve basis. Our trips sell out very quickly, often by previous customers.  We may be able to accommodate riders who wish to ride, fuel and maintain their own street-platable bikes, and you may need time to discuss with work, family, girlfriend or parole officer but we will need a deposit to hold your spot. Please contact us for details at adventure@tractionerag.com.

Traction CdB 2017-7149 retouched.jpg
I’m really not a millionaire but after the last four days I feel much richer.
— Traian Stan

We feel pride in showing off our backyard during the best time of the year. You’ll look back on the Outlaw Run as one of the best times of your life. Contact us via email at adventure@tractionerag.com if you have questions or would like to schedule a phone conversation.

Only the Traction eRag could have people thanking them for a great time after 5 days of sweating their balls off, slogging it out in mud up to their ass crack, dodging fallen trees, wet roots, overhanging tree branches, walls of dust at 90kph all while being relentlessly attacked by mosquitos. Bravo. I’m looking forward to the next event.
— Marty Cunningham